Lady Popular: points' revolution

Today post is about very important revolution for every Lady Popular player. Since today you can increase your statics in a completely new way, more intuitional. Game gave chance for players who, like me, commited few mistakes and their statics don't look as good as they want to start for new, using this points they obtained buying furnitures, clothes, pet accesories, etc.

How this works on practise?


Like example I use in this post will be popularity of my polish doll, Popelka.

I hated that my creativity and devotion were on too low level comparing with f.e. style.

Increasing creativity and devotion for points were impossible because of empty shops. I only could save money for pracise, but you know, this was dangerous because of plenty of opponets can challenge you. So I did few tricks, like asked girls from club to challenge me and try to earn this amount of money in one hour, or use opportunity when i was online and someone already challenged me.


Of course, I read about how this change will looks like, so I decided to make few challenges (or more than few) for obtain as much points as I could, to use them in new chapter of my adventure with Lady Popular.

Results archieved a little bit before 9 am


When I log in first time after changes my popularity looks this:

I only needed to push "+" button:

And use points to icrease popularity. I needeed one hour to make it looking like I always wanted:


It is a change I always wanted and needed. I will always thank to LP team to think about this and made this completely revolution. Now I can fully control my popularity and increase what I want, how I want and when I want. For person like me, who spent so much money for medicines and need rehabilitation daily this change is a huge progress, because I could concetrate more to treatment than on game, don't feeling I lose something.

Thank you, Lp team.


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