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Today I want to share with you review of my smartphone I obtained as a gift from my mother in 3th January this year. Alview isn't very know brand. But what about products? If you wanna know, just read.


Was, in fact, my father's smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 XCover. I didn't like him, because he is heavy, he didn't have photo editor, share cloud and very often turn on apps I didn't want and I just didn't know why they appear. Also Samsung keyboard sucks.

My father liked to remember me that he likes so much this phone and I should give him back so, with my great mommy made reseach and we found Allview. He wasn't very expensive (315 zł = 75 Euro).

On internet photos looked cool, stylish and elegant, real smartphone for women. I choosed navy blue one and waited for delivery to shop.


Allview match to my hand better than Samsung, I like this that he has big screen, ideal to watch music videos on YT. This phone has 8 GB memory, so it's huge amount of place for things, f.e. games, my fav keyboard (Go keyboard). You don't need to dowload app to read pdf files, Allview p5 has this from new. I like this that has vivid colors,

See abbility of his cameras:

I am very happy because of camera and photo editor. I like to take pictures, it's one of my hobby, and because of this phone it is easy. Important news for selfie lovers: p5 has function of beauty face, kind of filtr for photos allow you be a star of fb and istagram, jaja.

Phone is good for listen music, sounds are clear and sound just good, natural, in 3D, if you know what I mean. I love hearing music during my rehabilitation, so YT is one of my fav apps. I have never dowload any single music, I don't need.

Microphone is good, I use him talking on Messanger, Whatsapp or just on calling. Also hands free function is great, allow me to talk when my phone lay on table.

Internet works mostly great, when are some interruptions they are because my service, not device. Without any problem I can play on this phone on polish version Lady Popular (Arena Mody).

Is very easy to make screens, just push power button a little bit longer and choose screenshot. Also it's easy to share your photos and screens with all world, because Allview has share function from new.

Free antivirus also was something great for me and usefull.


Is a place for your Icons of your fav apps. It's so easy to chooe this you want:

Your Emagic can look like this:


It is very simple to use and great phone. I only don't like this that he lost battery after 4-5 hours of use, but this Samsung I had lost it even quicker.

Has so much useful functions, f.e. choose hour of his turn on and turn off, notifications before you will sent message for premium number, light, etc. I like him much more than Samsung I used, not because of he is absolutely mine phone, because, in my opinion, is just better than more expensive (father told me that his Sansung was worth about 250 Euro) rival.


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