Happy Independence Day

Today a little about suprise made by Lady Popular Team for US Independence Day.

I really love gift prepared by LP team, I think it is so cool:

And Sol Angelica  (INT version) on this clothes:

Is so great, that girls from all versions got this gift and can celebrate together 4th Jule. Fashion connected people!

Let's celebrate!

Lady Popular Art Show

Today I want to show you how simple you can create unique pictures using photo editor. I choosed Photo Face Fun, because he is free and simple to use. Just see results of my work.

Photography and editing photos is my hobby. I love so much to create unique collages or edit simple photos to great, art style.

Just choose your best pic from gallery, open photo editor, choose style you want and area you want to transform, see effect... and dowload if you are ok with this what you see.

Pictures like this you see can be great avatar on fb or Lady Popular, you can add them on Istagram or share with your friends just like gifts. I just wanted to show you very simple and funny way to create your own style.

editor I used today you will find here.

Allview p5 emagic

Today I want to share with you review of my smartphone I obtained as a gift from my mother in 3th January this year. Alview isn't very know brand. But what about products? If you wanna know, just read.

Was, in fact, my father's smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 XCover. I didn't like him, because he is heavy, he didn't have photo editor, share cloud and very often turn on apps I didn't want and I just didn't know why they appear. Also Samsung keyboard sucks.

My father liked to remember me that he likes so much this phone and I should give him back so, with my great mommy made reseach and we found Allview. He wasn't very expensive (315 zł = 75 Euro).

On internet photos looked cool, stylish and elegant, real smartphone for women. I choosed navy blue one and waited for delivery to shop.

Allview match to my hand better than Samsung, I like this that he has big screen, ideal to watch music videos on YT. This phone has 8 GB memory, so it…

Lady Popular: points' revolution

Today post is about very important revolution for every Lady Popular player. Since today you can increase your statics in a completely new way, more intuitional. Game gave chance for players who, like me, commited few mistakes and their statics don't look as good as they want to start for new, using this points they obtained buying furnitures, clothes, pet accesories, etc.

How this works on practise?

Like example I use in this post will be popularity of my polish doll, Popelka.

I hated that my creativity and devotion were on too low level comparing with f.e. style.

Increasing creativity and devotion for points were impossible because of empty shops. I only could save money for pracise, but you know, this was dangerous because of plenty of opponets can challenge you. So I did few tricks, like asked girls from club to challenge me and try to earn this amount of money in one hour, or use opportunity when i was online and someone already challenged me.

Of course, I …